Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY: Love sign

  • cardboard 
  • gold discs – we used 40 mm sequins
  • gold thumb tacks
  • gold Krylon paint
1. Sand and prime your wooden letters. Then spray them, making sure to cover sides as well.
2. Starting at bottom, cover letters with discs and thumb tacks. Push thumb tacks 1/2 way the top hole only in so discs can move freely side to side (movement gives it a 3-dimensional quality that makes it more interesting).
3. Add a new row directly above the bottom row, covering the thumbtacks. Where possible, keep the columns and rows straight.
Can you believe – that’s it! The only tedious part is that it takes some time to push the thumb tacks in (my thumbs actually got a little sore, so I used a thimble). Other than that, this is a very simple project. Consider it a weekend undertaking and catch up on some movies, football, or a tv series. I have a few I can recommend – any you are liking lately?

XO Omziin

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