Monday, November 26, 2012

NEW IN: Essence Makeup

essence cosmetics

Essence makeup products are cheap, but nice quality products. I'm totally happy with these products i got and i'm planning to buy more from this brand. I love that they do trend edition collections very often and the products are so cute in these collections. Circus Circus is one of the trend edition collections and the packaging is so pretty. I spend about 52dt which is 25 euros or 32$, so the prices are very reasonable.

1. Essence Circus Circus Eau de toilette
2. Essence Circus Circus Lip Laquare
3. Essence Circus Circus Higlighter Powder
4. Essence Circus Circus Gold Glittery Lip Topper
6. Essence Lipstick nr.52
8. Essence My Base Face Primer

XO Omziin

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