Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First date DO's and DON'Ts

First date can be very exciting and for others it can be very terrifying.
You should be always open minded to go in date, before you meet up with your date don't put walls on.

Be yourself  Try to tell things about you in positive way, no one wanna hear all your bad mistakes you have made all the terrible memories you have. First date is all about giving nice image of you, not this crazy ho ha you. This is your opportunity to shine and to be the best of yourself or to blow it.
Have a fun You should try to take everything out from this date, it's only couple of ours of your time so why shouldn't you have little fun.

Pretend to be Someone your not This is huge mistake you could do in your first date. Never ever try to be someone else cause in the end it will bite you back. If you like the guy you shouldn't feel that you need to be someone else.
Drink too much Too much drinking can lead you in a too much talking.
Next thing you know you are telling stories about your ex and other stories you usually do not share with strangers. This can lead you and your date in awkward position, and i bet you will regret it next morning.
So let's keep it clean and cut your drinking after two drinks.
Show too excited In the end of the date you can say "i had a great time", but you shouldn't try to fix up second date on the spot. In end of your date you can give him a kiss on the cheek, but try not to rush in on more intimacy on your first date save something for the future dates.

Also check out this infographic to give you more info how to survive your first date.

XO Omziin

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