Monday, November 12, 2012

Daily Skin Care Routine

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Morning Routine:
1. Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Acai & Pomeggranate Antioxidant Face wash
2. Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Acai & Pomeggranate Antioxidant Day Cream
3. Garnier brightening Eye roll-on
This routine leaves my skin so fresh and soft, even when i put my makeup on i still can feel the freshness and softness. 

Night Routine:
1. L'oreal Perfect Clean Face wash
2. Nivea Labello Lip balm
3. Garnier Ultra lift Eye Cream
In my night routine i don't use moisturizer, reason is that i wanna give my pores time to breath and this works for my skin better than using moisturizer at night. Also toner doesn't work with my skin type, it leaves my skin very tight and itchy.

Once a week:
1.& 2. Garnier Ultra lift mask and Garnier comfort mask 
I usually use these masks, but i also use h&m face masks. Sometimes i find myself not having time to do masks, but i try at least once a week.

XO Omziin

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